Sunday, August 21, 2011

Change begins with each of us!

1. I don't follow traffic rules, I break the signals, I don't have all the documents in place. When caught by police, I paid a bribe.

2. I don't have the time to stand in Queue to get things done. I paid the agent who in turn paid the officials, so indirectly I paid a bribe.

3. I bought property for Rs 3000/Sq.Ft. but registered it for Rs 300/Sq.Ft. to reduce property tax. To cover this, I paid a bribe.

4. I fake medical bills, fuel bills etc to save income tax. I conceal taxable income and dodge tax.

5. I don't exercise my voting rights but crib about the government.

6. I do so many things which are not right but I still say "Government is corrupt, Government has to change".

I end by saying Change begins with each and every one of us...

Note: I don't support the government, but it pains me when I see caustic comments on facebook/twitter like "Manmohan Singh ek Kaam karo, Chudi pehen ke Dance karo". Let's support the Anna Hazare movement but let's not demean our politicians.


  1. Well said. The change has to begin from us! But no need to defend the politicians. They played their part really well !!!

  2. Yes, change begins from within! No point in pointing fingers at others!!